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Our aim is simple, as a promotion we aim to stage the best and most professional Amateur Mixed Martial Arts shows in Australia with a production that is world class. We do this not only for ourselves, but the athletes who strive to make it to worlds greatest stage.

Path to Hex provides a clear path way for young and fresh athletes to build up not only fight experience but also gain exposure to talent scouts and networking circles within the quickly growing community. We do this by identifying athletes with high level potential around the country, growing our relationship with the international community, and bringing them all together under one fight series affiliation here in Australia. We deliver exhilarating fights for the fans at an experience that is second to none in this country which has been illustrated through the diversity of our audience and acknowledgement by our peers even at the highest global scale.

As a brand we strive to grow awareness of participation in supervised & disciplined fighting styles, dispel misconceptions and stigmas about the sport and most importantly provide a world stage for local fighters to gain recognition. With affiliation to our Parent Promotion, HEX, and regulated by the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) our local athletes are given every opportunity to see their hard work grow into a flourishing career.


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